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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Featuring Audiosauna’s Virtual Analog Synthesis

AudioSauna's Virtual Analog Synthesizer.

Audiosauna’s analog synth is a classic polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with 2 oscillators. The oscillators are capable of producing saw, square, triangle, sine and noise waveforms.

The synth has a very warm and smooth vintage sound and it can also emulate the iconic Roland TB-303 sound quite faithfully. Great source of retro-electro material!

List of features
  • Unlimited polyphony!
  • 2 Oscillators with envelopes
  • Oscillator waveforms: saw, square, triangle, sine and noise
  • 2 low-pass filters and 1 high-pass filter
  • Amplitude envelope
  • Filter envelope
  • Filter and pitch LFO with triangle, square and random waveforms
  • Frequency modulation Osc2 --> Osc1
  • Portamento
  • Chorus, distortion and bitrate effect processors

1 comment:

  1. I love the retro sound of this, the FM-option can produce some quite interesting results! keep up the good work guys!