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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Export Song as Audio File + New Sequencer Features

Pattern's MIDI-notes are now displayed on the pattern block.

We've been hard at work creating updates and improving the creative flow of AudioSauna's studio software. Most importantly we added the very basic feature of saving the song as an audio file.

To convert your song into an audiofile, simply set the loop points to the beginning and end of the song. Choose "Export Loop as Audio Fíle" from the file menu. AudioSauna will now render the song as a stereo 16-bit 44.1 kHz wav-file, which can be used in any other audio software. This is very convenient for taking advantage of AudioSauna's unique synthesizing possibilities with other devices and software.

We've also greatly improved the creative flow of the sequencer's user interface. Here are some of the updates:
  • Double click the pattern to directly edit its notes on the piano roll
  • Pattern's notes are displayed on the pattern block
  • Improved piano roll view
  • Improved selecting of notes and patterns
  • Use shift + click to add notes to active selection
  • Improved audio response while moving playhead randomly
  • Improved audio response while editing the loop range
  • Fixed possible crash while opening a song
  • Fixed bugs from copy, paste and delete commands
  • Copy / paste between patterns and songs enabled
  • etc etc...

Stay tuned, more updates coming soon!


  1. what keyz do u hit to make it record ?

  2. yeah, when i hit record, then play back, i hear nothing.. can you help??

    1. Do you mean that when you record, the notes does not seem to appear to the track? The recorded notes appear to the selected pattern, so make sure you have the correct pattern selected.

  3. The Export function just hangs flash player for a moment, that's all. Where is the wav-file suppose to be found?

    1. Normally the browser opens a save window, where you can choose the location for the saved file. What OS / browser are you using? Using another browser / updating the browser / updating Flash Player could help.

  4. Yeah I wasted almost a day of work with this nonsense. After saving a bunch of loops and a couple of track, thinking they can be regain when I ask to [Open from my computer] track that I have saved. I have search the computer top to bottom they are nowhere to be found. Yeah this is so beta. And what's with the no undo button.

    PC/Windows vista with google Chrome by automated save in folder function.

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  6. Sorry, posted what I thought was a bug but it wasn't. This is a truly awesome piece of work. It requires some small effort to learn it but I have to say, if you can't be bothered then just hook up with Google play and listen to things rather than thinking you can do things, doing things requires effort. This app is worth the effort

  7. i cant hear anything when i attempt to make music, but i can when i listen to a demo why is this?

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