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Monday, January 23, 2012

AudioSauna is Going Viral!

Wow, we had more than 50 000 visitors last week, and now it looks like we will be doubling that number this week!

Also, AudioSauna is currently the 5th most downloaded application in the Chrome Web Store, topping such applications as Angry Birds and Facebook.

And this is without any promotion from our side. Thank you, thank you & thank you!

Once we calm down from the amazement, this will greatly help us to improve the AudioSauna's free service and pursue our goals in the mobile platforms as well.


  1. A great tool here! I'm very impressed to find something like this free in the cloud. Great concept, hope it keeps going and stays free!

  2. Agreed, what a great tool! In a minute I penciled out a riff and in a few minutes more had listened to it on all the presets. Duplicate it a couple dozen times, tweak and transition them, and I've got an original track in no time. I can't seem to duplicate a track yet, nor can I paste patterns into a different track. I hope that's coming soon, but its already very useful and fun. Thanks!

  3. I still think its great, but needs an UNDO feature! I just accidentally erased a half hour's work with one click :(

  4. It really needs an undo feature!

  5. When will you add MIDI. External keyboard control?

  6. You might also like to add a 5g low latency facility for people to play the instrument with other players at long distance,

    See my own 5g theramini for International Music Jam