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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Synth Presets With Classic 80's Sounds!

The new polished interface of the FM synthesizer.

We just updated AudioSauna with a complete overhaul for the FM synthesizer!

FM synthesis have it's own distinctive and bright sound, which usually works best for metallic and percussive sounds. Therefore the most authentic new presets are located in the vibraphone and bell banks. Overall there are more than 20 new patches added to the synthesizer.

AudioSauna's FM synth models the digital circuitry of Yamaha's DX-21 from 1985, and it can emulate most of the patches from Yamaha's legendary 4 operator synths from the 80's. The inspiration to the new sounds come from the actual patches of Yamaha's synths from over 25 years ago.

FM synthesis has a very special place in our hearts, and we feel it's equally useful with Analog synthesis in modern audio production!

More about today's update:
  • Improved and polished interface for the FM synth.
  • Fixed wrong tuning from some of the presets.
  • Maximum song length set to 256 bars (thanks for the notion Chris).
  • Minor update to Mixer GUI.
  • Bug fixes.

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