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Friday, March 2, 2012

Presenting Drum Synthesis in the Cloud

The AudioSauna's synths are also drum machines.

We just made another update to the factory sounds of AudioSauna. While the previous update was about capturing the very essence of FM synthesis, now we created a bank of percussive sounds for the virtual analog synth. The sounds are located at the bottom of the synth's presets.

Why use synthesized drum sounds?

AudioSauna's drum synth utilises emulated analog oscillators rather than pre-recorded samples to create its drum sounds. A pre-recorded sample is static and constant, unlike the synthesized drum sound which is usually based on randomized noise. Each time the sound is played from the synth, the sound has a different and unique waveform. This sounds more pleasant to the human ear.

Using drum synth gives also greater control of the sound, since the spectral content and envelope of the sound can be programmed.

Here is an example song using only the synthesized drum sounds of AudioSauna. The song uses 5 synths to generate the sounds. If you want to see how this was made you can download the AudioSauna's .song file from here.


  1. Hi there,

    just checked out your dj-tool. this is pretty cool!

    Just think about that:

    * When I finished and saved my Song made with sauna, i can publish this and it's available for me/everyone in the dj-tool.

    * I also missed some simple BPM-LED or some other BPM-Helper.

    * For Audio-Sauna it could be nice to have a right-click menu where I have fast access to usable features.

    * It would be great to get a connect with the API to soundcloud, so I can use (as a premium member @ soundcloud):

    * One login for both
    * some kind of "publish to soundcloud"-Button in audio-sauna

    Think about those features!



  2. Very informative post. I like it.