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Thursday, March 29, 2012

AudioSauna Goes Space Echo!

AudioSauna's delay is loosely modelled after the classic tape delays of the 1970's.

We are extremely happy to announce that we have just updated the channel mixer's delay effect with a new set of features and controls!

If you have used the AudioSauna's delay effect before, the new interface will seem very familiar. The only visual update is the new knob for adjusting the delay's damage level.

The damage knob is what controls the overall vintageness of the delay. At the extreme damage settings the effect will smoothly overdrive and saturate the audio causing the delay to scream and wildly self-oscillate, just like the real deal!

Setting the damage level between 50-75% will result in more usable and smoother Dub-like delay with less noise and graininess. At the 0% damage level the effect will act as a regular digital studio delay with no added modulation for the audio. Try different combinations between feedback and damage to find the best balance of self-resonance.

The effect can also sync to tempo. Switch the sync off by just clicking the delay time display above the delay time knob. This will enable you to control the delay time in milliseconds.

Tape Delay Features:
  • Includes controls for delay time, feedback, damage and level.
  • Accurate tape delay emulation.
  • Smooth tape-like delay time changes, just like in the vintage models.
  • Tempo sync option.
  • Classic unpredictable self-oscillation at extreme damage settings.
  • Works also as a clean digital delay.

Check out these two demos of AudioSauna's tape delay sound with some live knob tweaking:

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