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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Channel Mixer!

We re-designed the mixer and added a couple more channels.

We been working hard with the synthesizers lately, trying to make the devices as versatile as possible and most importantly fun and easy to use. We added "tons" of new presets to the synths and now the sound library provides a great starting point for sound sculpting.

The synths are in good shape now, but the mixer had been sitting still since the early versions, so it was time to take a look under the hood of the channel mixer as well.

Here are the details of the latest mixer and channel update:
  • The mixer's interface was improved and re-designed.
  • The volume sliders now use the logarithmic dB scale to control and indicate gain settings.
  • The maximum number of channels was lifted from 8 to 10.
  • The bug which caused the panning to function incorrectly at low gain levels was fixed.
  • The arrange mode's channel list has a new design and better functionality.
  • The bug which caused the mutes and solos to be out of sync with the channel list was fixed.
  • Separate snap to grid options were added to arrange and piano roll modes.
  • FM-synth has new design on the sliders.
  • Minor usability improvements and bug fixes around the application.

PS. We just recently reached 150 000 installations on the Chrome Web Store. And amazingly that's just in three months. Wow.


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